Elfogadnak-e üdülési csekket? El lehet-e foglalni a szobát előbb, mint ami a házirend kiírásában (14 óra) szerepel? Lehet-e masszázst / lovas kocsikázást igénybe venni a nyaralás alatt? Honnan indul a kerékpár-út és a tanösvény?

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2019 február


    Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

    Do you accept holiday vouchers?
    Absolutely; you can pay in cash, with a bank card or holiday voucher for our services.

    Can we check in earlier than the policy states (2 pm)?
    If we have vacancies then by all means. Please inquire at the reception (telephone: +36/82/445-818) a few days before your arrival.

    Can we get a massage or go on a horse-drawn carriage ride during our holiday?
    Yes, there our resort offers opportunities for both massages and horse-drawn carriage rides. Please let us know about your needs in advance at the time of booking or before your arrival by calling our reception (telephone: +36/82/445-818).

    Can we use the outdoor pool after opening hours have ended?
    The pool is left unattended after opening hours have ended; therefore, it may not be used, not even at your own risk. If you would like to use the pool after the opening hours, the resort can provide supervision at an additional fee. Please let us know about your needs in advance by calling our reception (telephone: +36/82/445-818).

    How far is the restaurant from the forest huts?
    All of the buildings on the premises of the resort are located about 50 metres apart, so the restaurant can easily be reached on foot from the forest huts.

    At what times can we go hiking / cycling / carriage riding in the forest?
    In order to avoid accidents, there are strict rules to using the forest, which our guest must also adhere to for the sake of their own safety. The forest is safe to use between 9 am and 3 pm; therefore, hiking, cycling and carriage-riding is also permitted between these times. (Of course it is safe to ride a bicycle on the paved road at any time.)

    Does the resort rent bicycles suitable for children?
    The resort has 36 bicycles, out of which 4 is suitable for children (in 2 different sizes). An additional 2 bicycles have children’s seat attached.

    Does the price of the rooms include bathrobes?
    Bathrobes are only included in packages where it is specifically stated. In any other case bathrobes can be borrowed by anyone on the spot for 250 HUF / occasion.

    Where do the bicycle and study paths start from?
    The bicycle paths start from the Székely gate in front of the resort. The study path starts from the locomotive shed (see map on our website).

    How far is the locomotive shed from the resort?
    The locomotive shed is located about 500 metres (about a 5-minute walk) from the resort on the other side of the Kaszó Road. Go right at the Székely gate, then turn left at the next crossing. A sign indicates the locomotive shed, the playground, the study path and the panorama path of Kaszó.

    Is there any sports equipment at the resort?
    The resort can provide the following sports equipment: football, tennis ball, table tennis paddles and ball, wall bars, rubber balls and the workout room equipped with Carl Lewis machines.

    Is the resort air-conditioned?
    Our rooms are unfortunately not air-conditioned, but our restaurant is.

    Are there any ticks on the area of the resort?
    Due to the resort being located in a forest, there is a chance of tick bites. We therefore ask that our guests that they pack insect repellents for themselves and their children prior to departure. They should also keep a close eye on their skin and clothes during the time they spend at the resort.

    How deep and what temperature is the outdoor pool?
    The pool deepens gradually; the maximum depth is 140 cms. The water is heated, but it can reach a temperature of about 24-28 C° depending on the sun. The size of the pool is 15 m x 7.5 m.

    Is there a tennis court in Kaszó?
    There is no outdoor tennis opportunity in Kaszó. We usually recommend our guests to use our roofed gym, which can be fitted with a net to play tennis.

    Is there a small shop or some other place to do shopping nearby?
    Our resort is located in a small, forest-surrounded village with 150 inhabitants. As a result, it is not possible to do shopping locally (there are no boutiques, shopping centres pharmacy, etc.). The closest place you can do this is in Nagykanizsa, Nagyatád or Csurgó. There is, however, a small shop in Kaszó where you can purchase things for everyday needs.

    Where and for what fees can visitors spend their free time in Kaszó?
    There are tables, benches and barbeque area near the locomotive shed. These are available to all visitors free of charge. Other options are the study path, the football pitch, the playground and the stop of the forest train.

    What services do you provide for families with small children?
    Our resort can provide the following services / aids: baby cots, baby baths, baby toilet seats, high chairs, story books, children’s television channel, coloured pencils, colouring books.

    How can the resort be reached?
    Our resort, being a forest, can only be reached by car, there is no public transportation. Upon request, we can arrange for transfers from Nagykanizsa (train or bus, approx. 28 kms) or from the train station in Somogyszob (approx. 8 kms).

    Is there internet access at the resort?
    Yes, our guests can use our wireless internet network free of charge, the code to which will be given to you by our colleagues at the reception. The signal is the strongest in the common room of the hunting lodge, in the restaurant and the suites corridors.

    Is there a chance to go horseback riding?
    Unfortunately, it is not possible to go horseback riding at the resort, but we are able to arrange for such a program in the neighbouring towns of Somogyszob / Szenta. It is also possible to ride a horse-drawn carriage.

    Is it possible to get a local tour guide?
    A local tour guide is available for our guests upon request. We are happy to give you the guide’s contact information upon request.