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    Booking conditions


    You can reserve with us in a letter, e-mail, fax or the telephone in any season. We are able to send a confirmation of your reservation on workdays between 8 am and 5 pm.

    Please provide us with the following details at the time of reservation:

    • name
    • address
    • contact information (telephone number, e-mail address)
    • the period of reservation
    • the number of guests
    • the number and age of the children if you would like to use our children’s discount
    • in case of a discount, any relevant information of eligibility
    • the name of the reserved package / reference to individual offer

    Our resort sends a written confirmation of every reservation to the e-mail address or fax number provided. The confirmation is only valid with this written confirmation.

    In order to make the process of keeping in touch with our guests as seamless as possible, we ask that you provide us with the above-mentioned information in a precise and legible way, with special regard to the contact details (telephone number and e-mail address). The guests are responsible for the validity of the data provided in the reservation. In order to avoid misuse of data, if we the guest is unavailable at the telephone number and/or e-mail address state in the reservation or the information proves to be incorrect, hence hindering the lawful written confirmation of the reservation, the Kaszó Hunting Lodge and Resort reserves the right to cancel the reservation and thereby also cancelling the request for accommodation.

    IMPORTANT! We are only able to take preliminary reservation on the telephone, which is only finalized once a written reservation request is sent to us via e-mail or fax. By submitting the reservation the guest acknowledges and accepts the terms and conditions of cancellation.


    The Kaszó Hunting Lodge and Resort requests a deposit in the case of special package offers as well as group reservations. The amount of the deposit is approx. 30% of the total price to be paid. The Kaszó Hunting Lodge and Resort will always call the guests attention if a deposit has to be paid.

    The deposit can be paid in cash, via bank transfer, with holiday vouchers or “pink” postal cheques. If a deposit is required, the reservation only becomes valid once the deposit has been fulfilled by the set deadline. A deposit invoice is used for every deposit payment.

    Postal address: Kaszó Vadászház és Üdülő, 7564 Kaszó

    Bank account number: K & H 10403909-39011677-00000000 (comment: name, date and/or package)


    Individual cancellation

    Reservations may be cancelled without indemnity via e-mail, fax, or post 20 days prior to the reserved date (or by the date specified in special offers).

    If a deposit was paid we provide a full refund, only the cost of the bank transaction is withheld from the sum. If cancellation is received up to 8 days before the reserved date, we refund 50% of the deposit, but here we also withhold the bank transaction costs. If cancellation is received within 8 days, we are not able to refund the deposit.

    Group cancellation (more than 10 people)

    A reservation for which a deposit has been paid can be cancelled up to 45 days without losing the deposit. The deposit is returned without the cost of the bank transfer fee. If the reservation is cancelled within 13-24 days of the reserved date, you lose 50% of the deposit, while for cancellations within 12 days, you forfeit 100% of the deposit.

    We would like to call our guests’ attention to the fact that if the confirmed price is a special package offer, the full price of the entire stay must be paid at the time of reservation. Should you need to leave before the end of the reserved dates due to unforeseen circumstances, the full price of the package still needs to be paid.


    The Kaszó Hunting Lodge and Resort does not have single bed rooms. We can accommodate single room requests in double-bed rooms. The cost of the single supplement is 30% of the cost of the particular package. For one-night reservations, the price of the single supplement is given in the price list for each type of accommodation.

    It is possible to book the forest huts with 2 double rooms for only 2 persons. Here, the package prices calculated for 1-2 people are relevant. The single supplement is 30% of this price.


    You can check in from 2 pm on the day of your arrival. Please check out by 10 am on the day of your departure. If you would like to check in or check out at times other than these, please contact our reception (+36/82/445-818). You need to fill in a form at check-in, containing the following information:

    • personal details (for adults: name, address, place and date of birth, passport or ID number; for children: name, place and date of birth)
    • the licence plate number of the guest’s car
    • date of arrival and departure
    • a valid e-mail address
    • the financial liability of the particular reservation
    • signature

    We would like to call our guests’ attention that you are liable to pay for the services of the hotel from the point of checking into your room, regardless of whether you have filled in or signed the above form correctly. Checking in means the time when the key is handed over to the guest.


    The discounts cannot be combined. If at the time of booking the guest is eligible for more than one type of discount, the one which is the most favourable for them will be taken into consideration. We ask our guests to inform us at the time of booking about any discount they would like to use.

    Discounts for children:

    • Accommodation and meals free of charge up to the age of 3.
    • We provide a 50% discount from accommodation, and a 25% discount from meals between ages 4-6.
    • There is a discount of 25% from accommodation and meals between the ages of 7-12.