A HM Kaszó Erdőgazdaság Zrt. a 2007-ben felavatott Kaszói Kerékpárúttal segíti a fiatalok és a felnőttek környezettudatos nevelését, szolgálja az aktív pihenés és a bakancsos túrizmus kedvelőit, valamint 2006-ban avatott Öregerdő Tanösvénnyel kaput nyitott a környezeti nevelés felé.

    Active tourism


    In addition to its basic activities, the HM Kaszó Erdőgazdaság Zrt. contributes to the environmental awareness education of the youth and of adults as well, serving active recreation and hiking tourism through the bicycle path of Kaszó, which was opened in 2007.

    Every one of the three paths of varying length starts from the terminal station of the Kaszó forest train. We can meet several natural marvels on the paths while the singing of birds accompanies us through the magical realm of the forest.

    The red path is 14.6 kms long, the blue is 9.8 kms, while the path marked with green is 7.7 kms. They guide our guests through the woods of Kaszó, providing an insight into the life of the forest, exploring the relationship and colourfulness between living and non-living elements, the levels of the forest, and the most frequent plants – in lucky cases even the animals – inhabiting the area of the forestry.

    When establishing the bicycle path of Kaszó, we were aiming to spark the young generation’s curiosity towards the natural environment, to shape their thinking to be aware of their environment, all the while passing time in picturesque surroundings with active exercise.

    In addition to bicycle trips, the forestry offers the visitors a number of other ways to spend their free time in a pleasant and healthy way. They can go on a trip with the forest train, they can visit the study path or the marshes of Baláta, they can pursue sports, or simply take long walks in the beautiful forest surrounding Kaszó.

    We would like to call your attention to some precautions that need to be taken.

    • The bicycle path is the private road of the forestry designated for cycling. It is available for use at your own risk and responsibility.
    • The vehicles of the forestry may also be using the road. Please proceed with caution.
    • The speed limit is 30 km/h.
    • Cycling in the forest is permitted between 9 am and 3 pm on the designated paths only.
    • The forestry may restrict the paths for safety reasons.
    • Persons under the age of 18 may only use the bicycle path under the supervision of a parent or teacher.
    • Please wear appropriate clothing and protection in order to avoid tick bites.

    Our bicycle paths welcome students, nature hikers and everyone who is interested!


    „The forest loves me and protects me too, forests have followed in my path: Beeches, hornbeams, alders, Oaks. And pines. Soaring to the sky.” (from a poem by Lajos Áprily)

    In addition to its basic activities HM Kaszó Erdőgazdaság Zrt. opened its Study Path of the Öregerdő in 2006 for educating for environmental awareness.

    The forestry is located on 25 thousand acres of sand land, which makes the Inner area of Somogy County one of Hungary’s most varied landscapes. The centre of continuous forests is in Kaszópuszta. On the landscape of Somogy, which is coloured by mounds of different sizes and watercourses, the forest has protected and offered a livelihood for the people for several centuries. This is why the locals both love and are masters of forest trades. They managed to elevate the farming in this area to the level of modern times by leaving the natural and aesthetic values of the landscape unchanged, in its age-old form.

    The area, having been a ducal property, has changed ownership a number of times; it was nevertheless farmed continuously in a unified way. As a former marshland, this area of Inner Somogy is not so suitable for agricultural production. It is, however, perfect for forestry and raising game. The game of the area is considered to be a natural resource and has also gained European recognition. The marshland surrounded by woods is the habitat of several rare, protected plant and animal species, hiding an abundance of protected values of nature.

    The almost 1.5 km-long study path of the Öregerdő starts from the terminal of the Kaszó forest train, guiding the visitors through 8 additional stations, highlighting step-by-step the small miracles of the surrounding nature. We can meet a number of interesting things during our walk from the mosaic of the local flora and fauna, getting to know then in stunning environs and fresh air. A total of 15 information boards are placed at the stations, helping the visitors in getting to know the magical realm of the Kaszó forest.

    The intent of the forestry is to introduce the colourfulness and hidden natural treasures of the Kaszó forest to the visitors.